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. Education & Training

Committee Chair: Dr. Kevin Rudeen, Dean, College of Allied Health, OUHSC

Ensure current education and training systems have the resources and support necessary to produce the needed numbers of health care graduates;


Committee Chair: Ms. Christine Weigel, Representing the Statewide Association for Nurses

Increase job satisfaction and retention of employees in health care settings;


Committee Chair: Dr. Ramona Paul, Assistant State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Increase awareness of health career opportunities in Oklahoma;


Committee Chair: Claudean Harrison, Lay Member, OHCWC Governing Board

Secure funding to support OHCWC operations and programs which are aimed at alleviating Oklahoma’s health care workforce shortages;


Committee Chair: Dr. Steve Eddy, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, OSU Center for Health Sciences

Coordinate the collection and analysis of comprehensive, consistent workforce data used to support policy development and strategic decision-making and to measure and evaluate efforts over time; and

.Public Awareness

Build public awareness of existing and future workforce shortage issues in Oklahoma, as well as the OHCWC and the activities underway to address health care workforce shortages.

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